12 Things To Do Before Baby #2

I was so much more on top of things with baby #1 than I am now with baby #2. I have basically done zero preparation, and I am realizing that this baby is coming SOON! I am 37 weeks pregnant now; where has the time gone??! I really need to get moving, so I decided to create a checklist to help me stay focused on what needs to be done before baby arrives. This is a very minimal, simple list of just the MUST DO’S before baby. Hopefully any of you other moms can find this list useful, maybe just don’t put it off ’til the final few weeks of pregnancy like me.


  1. Check expiration dates and deep clean baby car seats
  2. Get baby clothes out of storage, wash them, and organize them
  3. Find and clean burp cloths, blankets, and wraps
  4. Prepare a place for baby to sleep
  5. Sanitize house
  6. Clean out cars
  7. Finish baby blanket
  8. Clean out breast pump/replace parts
  9. Find and clean bottles
  10. Clean nursing pillow
  11. Get a double stroller
  12. Haircut



I know some of these things are specific to my situation. Getting a haircut is just something I have been needing to do for a while that I know will be near impossible to do once the baby comes (you may have something different here like going to the dentist, or getting a pedicure). Hopefully this list can help some other busy mom’s out there who are realizing that your second (or third, etc.) baby is coming quick.


Is there anything that I am missing on this list? What do some of you other mom’s do right before baby’s arrival?

1 thought on “12 Things To Do Before Baby #2

  1. Great list!! The haircut is something everyone should do right before baby, in my opinion! I call it “getting myself looking 100 before baby” haha- nails, hair, eyebrows- the works! I am thinking about baby number 2 and realize I won’t have nearly the amount of time or energy I did to prep for baby number 1. Good luck, mama!

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