12 Things To Do Before Baby #2

What to do before baby #2

I was so much more on top of things with baby #1 than I am now with baby #2. I have basically done zero preparation, and I am realizing that this baby is coming SOON! I am 37 weeks pregnant now; where has the time gone??! I really need to get moving, so I decided […]

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Cute Crochet Cardigan

I love how little people look in sweaters and cardigans! They are adorable and practical. I pretty much always pack a cardigan or light sweater for Addie wherever we go–just in case. This was my first attempt at crocheting a cardigan. I wanted a light cardigan for springtime, and I am very happy with the […]

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Crochet Fox Amigurumi

Crocheting is one of my favorite things to do in my spare time. It is a way for me to relax, while still doing something somewhat productive. Over the years I have loved trying all kinds of new projects. Some are just for fun and others are more purposeful–gifts, baby prep, etc. This little fox […]

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